Clean Points FAQ


1. How can reward points be redeemed?

Reward points can be redeemed at any time on all items in the store for qualified purchases.

For detailed instructions on how to redeem clean points, we recommend going through our informative article about How to Redeem Reward Points. 

2. What are Lily Lolo US & Canada's Clean Points?

Lily Lolo US & Canada's Clean Points is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Lily Lolo.

As a member, you will be rewarded with exclusive offers sent to you via email. The program is free; simply shop like you always do — and get rewarded for it.

3. Which types of purchases are Clean Points earned on?

Points will be rewarded for all qualified purchases (purchases made as a signed up customer) subjected to respective terms and conditions.

4. How are Clean Points points calculated?

Clean point is awarded for every $1 spent on items in the store. Sign up and earn 25 points

5. How much are clean points worth?

10 clean points are worth $1 USD.


6. Where can I view my reward points?

The reward points can be found under the 'Reward' option on the left side bottom corner. After logging in to your account, click on the rewards panel.

7. What happens to my unused redeem point codes and where to find them ?

Clean Points redeemed and not used will be under 'Reward List' as codes created and can be used at a later purchase within 6 months.

8. Can I use coupons and clean points in the same order?

Reward discounts can be applied only when discount coupons are not used.

9. What happens to my unredeemed points ?

Unredeemed points in your respective accounts will expire in 1 year.