How to redeem clean points

Lily Lolo US & Canada's Clean Points is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Lily Lolo.

As a member, you will be rewarded with exclusive offers sent to you via email. The program is free; simply shop like you always do — and get rewarded for it.

Points will be rewarded for all qualified purchases (i.e purchases made as signed up customers), subject to the respective terms and conditions.

1. Clean point is awarded for every $1 spent on items in the store.

Sign up and earn 25 points

2. To turn clean points into a reward, you will need to log into your account, then click on the 'Reward' option on the left side bottom corner to open the rewards panel.


If you don't have enough points to redeem, you'll see a progress bar on the right, next to the reward name.

If you do have enough points, there will be a Redeem button.

To redeem points on Checkout Slider rewards, you will need to use the points slider to select the amount of points you would like to spend, then click Redeem

Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to apply the code, which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout. You can also copy and paste this code at checkout.

Clean Points redeemed and not used will be under 'Reward List' as codes created and can be used at a later purchase within 6 months.



We would like to inform you that once you have redeemed your points for a reward, the redeem code will be stored in your account until you choose to utilize it for a purchase. Please note that redeem code must be used within six months from the date of redemption.

We would like to inform you that unredeemed points in your respective accounts will expire within one year. We encourage you to utilize your points to enjoy the benefits and rewards available to you.